Pixie Post

Saturday, September 27, 2008


It's back!! The World of Wearable Arts. Youngest son went, with school, lucky bugger, and he's still buzzing.

Thanks Dom Post, and internets, for the great pix.
I wasn't planning to go this year....but seeing these......ahh well, come check it out with me.

and here, and here too.

Monday, September 22, 2008

goings on...

Well, there's plenty going on....
  • I've painted a sealer coat in the hall. It sucked up 4 litres of sealer, and showed me where the holes and dings are that need further filling. Of course it all needs sanding again, but it looks like this weekend is available for that, and then....PAINT, finally! I can't wait.
  • I spent the weekend in Christchurch, hanging out with the handyman. Christchurch is so beautiful in spring...much time was spent admiring magnolias and rhododendrons and blossoms and daffodils.....just beautiful. It was hard to leave.
  • I did a little walking....
  • I'm reading my Quilt Wellington Symposium 2009 registration booklet.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Preparation is everything

I'm still working in the hall. I hung a sheet in the bedroom doorway to try to keep the dust out.

But you can't keep plaster dust out of anything at all really.

I got mail

September 1st was my birthday. I got mail. Lovely! Thanks!

I bought myself this. About 1.5 m of beautiful vintage barkcloth. It's soft and worn and faded and perfect. It's going to be cushions for the bench seat in the kitchen. One day. Don't hold your breath.