Pixie Post

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I made a skirt! It doesn't look like much hanging there against the wall (with no wallpaper) does it? But it fits me. And I like it. And I'll wear it. Tomorrow. Cos it has a zip and a hem and everything, just like a bought one.

I used this pattern. Which is probably the best simple A-line skirt pattern in the world. Only it's out of print now. I think I might even make another one. But don't hold your breath.

A tough day

We farewelled a fine man today, in our largest cathedral, standing room only. Not every day you see a guard of honour that closes a street, and stretches almost out of sight.

RIP Fitz. It's been a privilege to call you friend.

So, you know.....more sewing therapy required.

Kitty and I finished the quilt. Here it is.

I'm totally in love with the polar fleece backing. It looks so good quilted, and it's warm as can be. It took me 24 hours to make this, so what is it worth? Around $240 for labour (v. cheap!) and $100 for materials? So we could round it up to $350? Well, that's what I'll insure it for when I post it, but I don't fancy my chances if I tried to sell it. Interesting huh. Best I stick to my day job.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A quilt!

Hello, my name is Pixie, and I'm a quilt maker. Really, I can prove it.

Kitty has been helping of course.

It's a simple little four patch. I laid it out on the floor pretty carefully, but somehow the squares leapt all over the place before the stitches were completed, and despite my efforts there are places where two squares of the same fabric meet up. Hate that. See, even Kitty is glaring at one such spot. The squares leap around between sewing machine and ironing too. But as number one son said, "he's hardly going to say that's a terrible quilt, just because there are two chicken squares touching". Ahh, right. Oh, that's the boy that just had his 14th birthday by the way.

The quilting was going really well, until I broke my last needle. You shouldn't sew over safety pins.
But you probably knew that.
I've removed that stray thread that's in the middle of this picture, by the way.

I'm whipping this up for my Dad. He's about to turn 80. I reckon a lap quilt, with a nice cosy polar fleece back, is just what he needs. So far this has taken me 5 evenings. About 15 hours.

Work turned to crap. Time to look for another job kindof crap. I miss the Australian, but that's the way he wants it, or so it seems. I've had a sore back since May, and a cough and a cold that's also been around since May. I ran out of firewood. SIGH!

So, a quilt was in order, obviously. I needed to remind myself who I am. I had to force myself to get started, but I've really enjoyed this speedy quilt. I pulled all of the fabric out of my stash. That's why you have a stash after all. I enjoyed stroking all that fabric again. Maybe my sewing mojo is coming back.

And I'm going to Christchurch in a week and a half. Yes I am! Now that's someone something to look forward to.

I want to write a post about this. But I'm so bloody angry about it, I can't find the words. It's the kind of thing that polarises communities isn't it? and doubtless would attract hateful spam to my blog. It's a very strange thing, an election year, and what it generates.

Anyway, I love sewing. That's who I am. I am Pixie, who makes quilts.