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Sunday, October 10, 2010

making me laugh

Blackbird often makes me laugh. She linked to this post which is laugh-out-loud funny, and I wish I'd found it a couple of weeks ago.
This woman, says Blackbird, is genius at telling other people how to live their lives. How to get over a broken heart in 7 easy steps.

And completely coincidentally yesterday someone left a new comment on this post of my very own from 2006 Letter to a Heartbroken friend. What good advice!! and that gorgeous friend is coming to visit me soon. Yay!

(Please note, my heart wasn't actually broken, more of a tiny crack that damaged my hopefulness and optimism, it's pretty well healed over now).

Sunday thinking....

I'm thinking about this post by Chris Brogan (found via Lisa Call)

"We all work a lot of hours. Are we actually doing anything? Is what you’re doing worth it? Are you doing something that’s going to grow the world? Are you adding to the solutions that are out there?

Or is it noise?"

I'm lucky in my day job, I'm doing lots that's "going to grow the world". But what am I doing otherwise? I'm not doing a very good job of growing my own world. I get mad at myself becos I spend Sundays exhausted most of the time. I get a bus (I don't have a car - madness!) at 8am, to get to the beach at 8:30. We swim for about an hour these days, the water is getting warmer at last! We go to breakfast. I get the bus home and I walk up the hill about midday. I eat lunch and I potter about and the day disappears in the dull old domestics. My gorgeous boys come back to me this day usually, and I like to make a big sunday dinner that we share, at the table, with knives and forks and even candles sometimes. But I have this nagging feeling that I don't do enough with Sundays. Do you?

What do you do on Sundays?