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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Red red red

Ohh, that's right, I have made a red quilt recently. Completed in Dec 2010 for someone's birthday.
An important birthday with a '0' in it.
That's me on the right, birthday girl on the left.
Hand delivered to Christchurch in time for the birthday party.
Lovely weekend.
Love this pic!

Technical details......It's a 16 patch. 11 blocks by 11. two inch squares. Huge! But looked amazing on their beautiful bed. There are some stars in the middle. Kind of hidden, secret stars. One for each decade.

Lovely bamboo and cotton batting.....my new favourite. Stipple quilted.

ohhh look, do you think the blog might be alive again???

I need to go to New York

Really. I do.
Want to come?At the American Folk Art Museum there is an exhibition of 650 quilts. Red and white quilts. All from the collection of one woman.

It closes tomorrow.