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Monday, December 07, 2009

progress hiccups

6 December 83.4
29 November 83.0

Hmm. Not going too well at the moment. Have skipped a few swims. Obviously that just doesn’t work. Planning a regular before-work-on-Thursdays swim. That should help. Or wear me out. One or the other.

My home PC has a major hard drive crash, probably terminal. So, my blogging days are about to slow down even further, and it may look like they’ve ceased altogether.

It is possible that I’ll never see my sons again if I don’t have internet access at my house, so that’s going to be very interesting. How will they cope? I’ve also come to realise, over this initial weekend adjusting period, that I really do love the internets, but it sure sucks some time out of my life, reading all your beautiful blogs and those design sites and the like.

However there were at least 3 occasions when I wanted to know something in the last few days….does the arun lilly die away completely or do I trim it? Just how do I go about hanging that first roll of wallpaper and could I make my own plumb line? What day is the school break-up prize giving concert thing??

I shall think of it as a social experiment. No internet at home. How long can a little family last?

Eddie told me (in a very rare show of whatever-it-is) that he would like to win the music prize. And my heart aches for him, because he and I both know that it is likely to go to his (very lovely) friend who is the showman of the two of them, who has performing in his genes, but probably not the musicality. Said friend won the music prize last year. I am rehearsing lines to say to Eddie after the prize giving. Lines like “I reckon you’ll be making music for the rest of your life Ed, while your friend probably will not”.

But then again, maybe Eddie and I will be wrong.