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Friday, July 24, 2009

He came back

Covered in cobwebs, and perfectly dry despite the heavy rain, Kitty turned up about 11pm. He'd obviously had a big sleep cos he wanted to play. He was hungry! Damned cat refuses to tell me where he'd been.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

the good and the bad

The good - I'm going to Brisbane on Saturday, with youngest son, for a week. It's 23 degrees in Brisbane today. It's 10 degrees in Wellington. I'm sure I can cope.

The bad - Kitty hasn't been seen for 24 hours. That's 3 meals he's missed. I want my kitty.

Friday, July 10, 2009

have you seen.....

oops, I'm sorry, June seems to be missing. I'm terribly boring, all I do is work, and swim, and angst about my blood pressure (which can't be good for it, can it? actually it's the meds I angst about the most. Did you know more women die of heart disease than breast cancer? but I digress...), and work, and try not to moan about my sore back (actually it's much better thanks), and beg passing males to chop firewood for me, and well, work and work and (I love it really, don't tell anyone).

Turth is I haven't been moved to show you anything for absolutely ages (obviously), but look, look at this!!


Oh, I can't do any fancy linky thing, you'll have to take my word for it. Meryl Streep (doing that chameleon thing she does so so well) as Julia Child, with turkey, with it's legs spread. funny! go, go, see for yourself. be sure and watch the trailer.

Now, that reminds me. Have you seen this? Unmissble I expect, I suspect we should not expect it to captivate us like the book did.

But you know what? the one I'm really excited about.....well, it says embedding disabled by request so you'll have to go to the website and see. This is a book that anyone who has ever met someone aged under 5 must've read. It looks like a book made movie with extraordinary success. Everyone has a wild thing inside!


Have a lovely weekend. I'll be at work. But so will the rest of the team, including the fearless leader, so you know, can't complain too much.

could someone mow the lawn for me? cheers!