Pixie Post

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My name is Pixie and it is almost two months since my last posting.
I'm not sure why, it was an unintentional blog break.
  • I can't remember what happened to most of February.
  • I did go to Christchurch, to visit the Handyman, and to swim in another ocean race in a beautiful bay out Lyttleton way, and to visit the Handyman.
  • I declared March to be the month of the garden. The garden is large, and much neglected. I fired the lawnmower man, because he was doing such a bad job I was really grumpy. So I have spent hours, and many trips to the tip (a dozen or so, really!), reclaiming my section from the neighbours around me. Their ivy and wandering jew and other noxious weeds creep into my section from above and both sides. It's very satisfying all this destruction, but exhausting. I have to buy some equipment next, a weedeater and a lawnmower, but that's on hold for a while.
  • there are no before and after photos becos I left the camera in Christchurch.
  • The Handyman came and watched the swim race. No-one ever came to watch me swim before. Well, you know, not since I was 12 anyway. I don't think he realises how much that meant to me. I even let him see me in my wetsuit.
  • beloved Aussie ex-colleagues had their meeting in Wellington. There was coffee and dinner and a sneaky early morning coffee. Miss them, not the work so much.
  • I got a ginormous load of firewood. I did 8 wheelbarrow loads by myself, and then got an army of friends in to help. It was done and dusted in an hour. Many hands make light work.
  • I am decluttering and throwing things away. A big load of toys went to charity. I think I was sadder than the boys.
  • Eddie went, with his Dad, to see ColdPlay in Auckland. He called me when they played "Fix You". It was beautiful.
  • Jack and I went to see the Monet exhibition at Te Papa. He took his time, going up close, standing back, reading the notes on the walls. I had to remember to stop watching him and look at the art. Jack decided he liked the Renoir more than the Monets. Heh.
  • I sewed a bit. clothes. not so bad. why don't I finish things? I'm working on the fit, and trying to get my eye in....what fabric makes what? I'm almost ready to buy some decent fabric and seriously make something to wear.
  • someone reversed into the rear drivers-side passenger door of my car. The door is getting replaced. I tried to convince the insurance assessor he should write the car off, but no luck. Phooey. It will have a brand new door, but probably won't get a warrant next time it's due (in April). I plan to live without a car when that happens. Just for a while. As long as I can stand it. Be good for me anyway, I need to do lots of walking.
  • I hurt my back. Getting out of the car. click click click it went. It got worse as the day went on. I sat at my desk and cried. and then I called the osteopath. I love my osteopath, but each time I see him he says "behave yourself" as I leave. That means don't swim, don't garden, use your stomach muscles, take the painkillers. I can't sit down for more than fifteen minutes. I lie on the floor at work to read things, and I stand up for most of hour long meetings. Sigh.
  • I went to Christchurch again. Got to see the Sagitarian and her family at last, and stayed up far too late talking and laughing with them. The Handyman and I walked a lot and saw some art at the Arts Centre and the beautiful art gallery, the back rubs were free, and I nearly missed the plane to come home.
  • Symposium is coming soon. I'm looking forward to the exhibition and to seeing lots of old friends. But my parents will be here at the same time, so I'll be a bit torn between wanting to be in two places.
  • I am totally loving my job.
So you know....busy, sore, happy enough.....
shall try to do more posting in April. Maybe I should promise to show you what I'm sewing.......