Pixie Post

Saturday, January 28, 2012


There's always something of interest to be found on Trade Me.....

A collection of vintage sewing patterns....they look to be from the 60s. Very "Mad Men". Alas, too small for me and I really don't need any more too-small-for-me vintage patterns.

A vintage table cloth. Gloriously hand embroidered. Each corner of the cloth is the same. Beautiful bright colours, it must have been in storage for many many years.

A double wedding ring quilt top (my favourite traditional design) incomplete. I suspect the quilt maker is selling it, because the arcs, and pieced wedges have their anatomically correct names...all the pieces are in the sale, it's begging to be finished.

If we don't use the things we are stashing, will they end up being sold for nowhere near their real value on some website?

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I have a secret love of two colour quilts.

Look at this one photographed at Quilt Market by Kathy from Pink Quilt Studio.

And even better, look over here, where there are instructions for free from Moda. It's very very clever, I was expecting triangles to cut and piece, but it's made of strips.

Thanks Kathy, I'm inspired!