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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Now, so you don't think I'm nothing but a grumpy old bag, let me show you this beautiful book. I've studied the pictures and read it cover to cover since I unwrapped it on Christmas day. Stitch by Ann Packer showcases the work of many of New Zealand's textile artists. See how many beautiful pages it has? Look at that beautiful satiny padded cover!

It's beautifully photographed, and gives us a glimpse of the work and life of each artist. Lovely!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Note to Self

I should preface this post by telling you I'm sick. I've got a rotten cough/cold that is exhausting. Oh, and G-mail isn't working, hasn't for days, so the people I'd like to be emailing haven't heard from me, and that's not good.
Right, got the picture?

Now, dear self, here are some things to remember:
  • when I am old and grey I will travel light. Just one bag will do for 4-5 nights, definitely not more bags than I can carry and definitely none that are too difficult for me to lift or trundle about;
  • I'll fly into town if I'm invited, so I don't fret about where to park my crappy car;
  • when I go to stay with my fine sons, who-ever they may be living with, I will be very clear about when I would like to arrive and leave...no guessing games or polite enquiries which may give offence will be required;
  • when I buy Christmas presents I will give one silly, fun present to make us all smile, and one voucher or something so the recipient can buy something he or she likes. I won't spend more than I can afford, and if money is tight, there will always be chocolate and alcohol. I won't fill up other people's houses with meaningless rubbish made by poorly paid 3rd-world serfs. No, no, no. Maybe I'll suggest we each buy something for one person, or $5 presents only;
  • when I come to visit I will abandon the habits of my daily life at home. I won't feel the need to continue with my multicourse breakfast which I have at an extremely leisurly pace, I will fit in with those around me. I will not give another thought to watching my favourite TV programme which is on almost every single day of the year. I'll suggest we all play that new board game together, so we have a laugh, and something fun to remember.

Thank you for listening. You can remind me of this when I'm older and greyer.

I'll go 'bah-humbug' someplace else now.

The Christmas menu

We had salmon for lunch, an entirely selfish choice on my behalf, because I needed some seafood treat to make the day special. The sauce was beautiful, egg yolks and butter with lashings of fresh lemon thyme. I only made it three times to get a batch that wasn't curdled (or split). It was worth the effort.

There was turkey for dinner, and it was moist and plentiful. I made a classic bread and herb stuffing, with fresh herbs and sourdough breadcrumbs to make it special. I enjoyed the way the fridge smelt of stuffing on boxing day. The Peregrine Pinot Noir (2003) from Central Otago was perfect with the turkey and steamed vegetables. All looking pretty on my best blue and white china of course.

It's all about the food.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Did you have a merry Christmas?

Pavlova. One of the things that says "Christmas" to me.
Pohutakawa trees in flower is another. Check out the ones at Ali's house on 22 December. Lovely.
Now, roll on the Happy New Year!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Vampires and other things

I christened the wetsuit in the harbour. The wetsuit was fantastic, I didn't feel a thing! The water was a bit choppy, and the swim out was heavy going, but I loved the swim back. The Sunday walk really did turn into a Sunday swim, and I loved it. I knew I would.
George Henare as Dracula - photograph by Downstage Theatre
"I don't drink......wine"

I took two 12 year old boys to see Dracula at Downstage Theatre. It was wonderful. We loved it. Henare is a real star. It's a long time since I've been to Downstage, but I won't leave it so long in future. We had curry before-hand at Masala (in Blair St, or is it Allen?). The boys, challenged not to drink Coke, tried lemon, lime and bitters and pronounced it very refreshing.
Very civilised. It's going to be fun having teenagers around.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Some laughs

Eddie is playing his guitar, as usual. I don't recognise the tune. "Did you make that up?" I ask admiringly. "No, I WROTE it. I COMPOSED it."

Silly mother.

Check out this post, from Stompergirl. "If Victoria Beckham chooses to turn herself into a toothpick in designer threads, I suppose that is her prerogative. But how dare she pretend to also have a rounded luscious arse?" He he he.
Go visit, and click on the links to some great clips from Dove. It's a fine bit of marketing...they got me.

Sunday Walk Photograph

I took myself to Oriental Bay for my Sunday morning walk. It's going to have to turn into a Sunday morning swim soon.

Cerulean for a year of colour.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I've been...

  • following this story, about the missing Kim family, and the auction plans over at a bird in the hand
  • reading about a tornado in London, and hoping Flibbertygibbet has been able to fix up her stock
  • trying not to complain about Wellington weather, clearly it could be worse!

I've also been buying a wetsuit, a beautiful top-of-the-range-at-a-great-price-wetsuit, that almost makes me look like a professional triathlete (nope, I don't run, and I don't own a bike). It makes me feel 10 kilos lighter, and like I could swim for hours.

The wetsuit is to help me meet a challenge...to swim from a beach a little to the left of the one in this picture to the light you can see just behind the yacht with its sails up.

Freyberg beach in Oriental Bay, close to the CBD in Wellington. The photograph is by Jeremy Ginsberg.

Yeah, of course I can do it!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Grey or gray?
Depends where you went to school I guess.
Jack has been bringing home school-books as the end of the school year draws near. It is wonderful to see his art work. Early in the year he has answered a questionaire.
"What art is important in your culture?" the art teacher asked.
"Quilts", wrote Jack "and Grandmother's paintings."

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Quilt of the Day

This is J's quilt. 1999??? (I hope it has a label!). Blocks made by a bunch of lovely women and put together by me for one of those birthdays with a '0' in it. It's a gorgeous glowy quilt in real life. It hung at the National Quilt Symposium in New Plymouth 2001.

Another weekend was

The Sunday walk photograph (2). Kohe and Jessie. Despite my best intentions there wasn't a lot of walking. Except around these two, worn out from supervising the antics of a roomful of quilters
Discovered this restaurant in Carterton, Wairarapa. About an hours drive out of Wellington. The food was fabulous. Kalamar as tender as could be, spanakopita with home made filo, the best turkish bread, and those deep fried thingies whose name I will remember after I publish this post.
I was transported at the first mouthful to crazy days long ago in Corfu. Sleeping a stonesthrow from the beach. Beautiful Aussie men learning to windsurf. Mad Swedish women that kept us all laughing for two weeks. A fireman from Finland. A photograph of 6 lovley topless women that nice young Canadian man took. I recommend the restuarant. BYO memories of mis-spent youth.