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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Another weekend was

The Sunday walk photograph (2). Kohe and Jessie. Despite my best intentions there wasn't a lot of walking. Except around these two, worn out from supervising the antics of a roomful of quilters
Discovered this restaurant in Carterton, Wairarapa. About an hours drive out of Wellington. The food was fabulous. Kalamar as tender as could be, spanakopita with home made filo, the best turkish bread, and those deep fried thingies whose name I will remember after I publish this post.
I was transported at the first mouthful to crazy days long ago in Corfu. Sleeping a stonesthrow from the beach. Beautiful Aussie men learning to windsurf. Mad Swedish women that kept us all laughing for two weeks. A fireman from Finland. A photograph of 6 lovley topless women that nice young Canadian man took. I recommend the restuarant. BYO memories of mis-spent youth.

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