Pixie Post

Friday, October 03, 2014

Dear Judy

Yes, it's about time I wrote.  (I love those leaves you are stitching by the way).

I want to show you this place.  It's a little piece of paradise. It belongs to me and M.   (M is my boyfriend of 4 years.  Did I mention him yet?)


It's a wild bit of eroding coastline.  I love it for its ruggedness. And the view of course.

We've owned it for a year and a half.  It really is painted that crazy turquoise colour.  A real 1950s exterior colour in these parts.

And at least one of us goes there every weekend. It's a less than 2 hours drive from home through some lovely countryside.  Currently lots of lambs and just-beginning-to-fade daffodils.


I shall try and be a better correspondent.  I've missed you.



This used to be my blog that I loved dearly.
I met some good friends here.

I can't believe the date on that last post.

Stay tuned.  Or come back. Or something.
Cos I might just rev it up again.