Pixie Post

Monday, March 26, 2007


Each time I pick up the boys to come spend a few days with me, I bring home some treasure, some missed item from a previous life that I now really want to have with me. It has surprised me that there have been few things I care much about. At the weekend it was this. A large glass vase, filled with a years old collection of shells and beach glass from all over New Zealand. Oh, and there's the candle of course....which is burnt low now and has a gorgeous golden glow when lit. I don't remember where most of the shells came from...but there are a few things in there that are memories of special people, places, times.
Guess I'll have to spend some more time on some more beaches and fill it up.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Happy Saturday alone

I've edited this post to put the pix back in.
I'm spending Saturday home alone. It feels like a rare treat to take my time to do absolutely nothing. I made a chicken curry for dinner.

The sun has set. It was very pretty. Love those hills bathed in golden light.

I've got the daffodil quilt out. I'm making it a border.

I got mail

I got mail. Real mail. In my letter-box. For me, not for anyone else. A gift, from AOF, acknowledging this transition I'm in. A little art, to help mark this place as my own. Could it be any more appropriate?
How to Metamorphasise Jenny Mitchell 2005, a limited edition artist's book, handbound. Beautiful.

Then this came. Two colour patchwork, beautifully handmade, just for me. Wow.

from Flibbertygibbet. A housewarming card. Isn't it lovely? It was a big surprise, and bought a tear or two to my eye. So kind.

And then, by email, from the Sagittarian....

She took this picture in Christchurch, during the Chinese New Year celebrations. It reminds me of a picture I took in Venice, 20 years ago. Hers is better.

Friends. It's an inadequate little word sometimes.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Judy posted pictures of daffodils and daphne. Got me thinking.

It's far from daffodil time here in the southern hemisphere, but I love them very much. I've been collecting daffodil fabrics for many years. My favourite is the Hoffman, bottom right, I must have had it for 10 years. I bought many of these over the internet, some from ebay. Once I bought some vintage daffodil fabric, had it sent to an internet buddy because the seller didn't ship outside the US. Sent the buddy the money for the shipping to me. Never heard from her again. Ever. Phooey.
Look, there's a quilt here isn't there? A giant 9-patch I think, which will go together quickly.
The computer is going to move over for now, because this is such a pretty corner to sit and sew. I'm coveting a Sew Ezi table. It's just what this room needs.

Dear E&A, view pictures are not intended to make you homesick and hurry home.

Oh, and I'm feeling good thanks, I have been for a lovely long walk. Now, where did I put my rotary cutter?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Went to Auckland.

It isn't that bad you know, even though us Wellingtonians love to loathe it. It's warm and pretty. Oh and there are trains there of course, and train-loving colleagues (though they'd deny it I bet) who are fun to be with. Even got to drive over the bridge. This one. Nice.
Flew home. Suddenly got to meet some paramedics, ambulance drivers, hospital registrars. I guess you know you're not so sick when you have to wait for hours, and there aren't people rushing to your bedside in tears. Hospital emergency rooms aren't fun places, but I did get a cup of tea.

So, now we know my heart works fine, but could be a lot better (bugger it). My blood pressure is pretty good, considering. I think I've had enough drama for a while though, could March be nice and quiet please?
I think now would be the right time to figure out where to put the sewing machine.
Oh, and go donate some blood if you can. Looks to me like hospitals need all they can get.