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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Christmas menu

We had salmon for lunch, an entirely selfish choice on my behalf, because I needed some seafood treat to make the day special. The sauce was beautiful, egg yolks and butter with lashings of fresh lemon thyme. I only made it three times to get a batch that wasn't curdled (or split). It was worth the effort.

There was turkey for dinner, and it was moist and plentiful. I made a classic bread and herb stuffing, with fresh herbs and sourdough breadcrumbs to make it special. I enjoyed the way the fridge smelt of stuffing on boxing day. The Peregrine Pinot Noir (2003) from Central Otago was perfect with the turkey and steamed vegetables. All looking pretty on my best blue and white china of course.

It's all about the food.

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Flibbertygibbet said...

I've been to the Peregrine vineyard! It's amazing, which is also how your dinner sounded... x