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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A tough day

We farewelled a fine man today, in our largest cathedral, standing room only. Not every day you see a guard of honour that closes a street, and stretches almost out of sight.

RIP Fitz. It's been a privilege to call you friend.

So, you know.....more sewing therapy required.

Kitty and I finished the quilt. Here it is.

I'm totally in love with the polar fleece backing. It looks so good quilted, and it's warm as can be. It took me 24 hours to make this, so what is it worth? Around $240 for labour (v. cheap!) and $100 for materials? So we could round it up to $350? Well, that's what I'll insure it for when I post it, but I don't fancy my chances if I tried to sell it. Interesting huh. Best I stick to my day job.

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