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Monday, April 10, 2006

The fish quilt and the rape trial

Quilt of the day, completed a couple of years ago. I called it Orange Smoothy, a reference to NZ's favourite Orange Roughy. Much more 'square' than it appears in the photograph. Won a merit for embellishment in a Wellington exhibition. It was collaged following the methods of Susan Carlson. The slide shows on her website are well worth a visit, and her book is great.

Everyone was still talking about this rape trial at the weekend. This article by Steve Braunias is interesting.

Lousie, every woman I've talked to believes you. Most of the men I've discussed it with (why don't they want to talk about it much hmm?) are more interested in discussing Rickards career prospects. Grim is the general theory, and thank goodness for that.

Thanks to the women who have risked prosecution to make the supressed information public.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Here's my 2 cents' worth, Pixie. I have a close friend who knew LN back then and socialised with her at the police social club. I asked her opinion - she said LN was very forward, and that you knew what you were getting into with that crowd.

While I personally think the verdict was wrong, releasing the suppressed evidence, while well-meaning, may jeopardise other events (oops, can't mention what!)

Deb H said...

Very interesting, both the story & the quilt. I feel sad for LN, what a horrible thing to be caught up in no matter what the truth is.
It puts smaller issues such as someeone else coping & selling my pattern into a different, perspective.