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Monday, May 22, 2006

The weekend that was

I travelled with my team mates to Levin for a masters swim meet. This was my first swim meet for over 30 years! I think I spent about 4 minutes in the water. There was swimming, there was....err.....celebrating, with dinner and dancing.....a little coffee in a cafe the next morning... a visit to the lingerie factory shop (don't know that I'll ever go shopping for lacy underwear with quite so many men ever again).....there was golf.....and there were cows. The cows weren't much help. That's our coach up there with the cheesy grin. He was celebrating good health and fast swims. Most of these people swim like they're sixteen, they swim better than they dance. Everyone was pretty happy with their times. I swam my 100m medly 5 seconds faster than my trial time. 5 seconds faster. Whoo hoo!! Shame about that former Commonwealth Games gold medalist who swims in my age group.

The Otaki golf course is beautiful. A bunch of us followed the golfers around 9 holes. The tui were singing their heads off and chasing each other around. I love these lacy power pylons disappearing into the distance. There's an artquilt in there somewhere methinks. Oh yes, the golf was entertaining too.We stopped by this beautiful church, the oldest Catholic Church still in use in New Zealand, St Mary’s Pukekaraka Church built in 1851.

It was a great weekend. The next swim meet is in October.

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Elle said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun!