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Monday, July 10, 2006

Actual Quilt Content

Do you know about these things?
A lesson in half square triangles, the Thangles way...

First, you have two fabrics from which you wish to have half square triangles. Cut strips, in this case 2.5 inches. Put them right sides together with a Thangles paper on top. Stitch on the dotted lines. Thangles come in a range of sizes to make the half square triangles the size you need.

I always chain piece them. I did 7 Thangles papers this time. The picture of my not at all flash, but beloved Elna shows you how.

Next, cut the units apart, along the solid lines on the Thangles paper. Press them, with the paper still attached. This does wonders for controlling all those stretchy bias edges. There they are, perfect half square triangles, fast, and more importantly, perfect.

These are for some more stars, for swapping. I'm not really a perfect points kindof a girl, but when you're swapping stars the points should be perfect, and this way, it's hard to go wrong.

I buy Thangles from my favourite quilt store, Big Horn Quilts. You can find out more about Thangles at their very own website.

I love Big Horn Quilts mostly for the price tags on their fabric. I love their website with big clear colour accurate photos of fabric, and I love their service. I've never had a problem with them, the parcel usually arrives on day 6 after ordering, sometimes sooner, oh, and did I mention the prices? We could of course ask why a kiwi quilter buys most of her fabric from a shop in Wyoming, and debate the issues of whether I should actually be supporting a kiwi quilt fabric store......but let's not.

So non-quilting visitors, I'm sure none of this makes sense to you...but I know at least 3 of you are lining up for a quilt someday, so let's consider this part of your education.

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