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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Reading material

I've been to the library. I'm reading Mary Mashuta's "Confetti Quilts".

It has hundreds of pictures including this 'dot dot dot' quilt. It has chapters with names like "What's all the fuss about color?" and "What's all the fuss about design?". It's fabulous.

It ranks right up there with one of my most precious quilt books, which is by her sister Roberta Horton.

I've got another new favourite too...."101 Quilt Blocks and Borders" from Better Homes and Gardens. A gift from the Sagittarian. Shucks, do you think she really really wants a quilt?

I've done some blog housekeeping. I've got myself a blogroll, and I've made a separate section of bloggers that hail from from New Zealand. Enjoy! Posted by Picasa


Mom101 said...

Oh I am so coveting that first one. Wow! It's spectacular. and hey - thanks for the blogroll love, mama. Nice to meet you!

kirsty said...

Love the dot dot dot one. Yum yum!