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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sunny Sculpture Saturday

The sky was blue and the sun was out. You can't keep Wellingtonians down for long. I put my new shoes on, and went for a walk.

Some more Paul Dibble. This one, 'Fruits of the Garden' Bronze, 2001, is on the waterfront. Obviously there is some Adam and Eve thing going on here. It is strong and compelling, and holds its own in a busy space with glorious harbour views.

Very nearby are some great slabs of text. The Wellington Writers Walk was a project of the Wellington branch of the New Zealand Society of Authors, which wanted to create something lasting to celebrate the Capital’s bevy of writers and poets. The result is an intriguing smattering of text sculptures along the waterfront. Designed by Catherine Griffiths, each sculpture is a quote by a well-known New Zealand writer with strong Wellington connections. Most are about being in Wellington. New ones are added now and then. While they originally suffered some vandalism, happily they were always quickly repaired, and they seem to have been left alone of late.

This is my favourite. "The harbour is an ironing board....." by Dennis Glover.

and I love this one too....."This town of ours kind of flattened across the creases...." by Fiona Kidman. I have very fond memories of small sons as beginning readers challenged by these.


Another Outspoken Female said...

You'll have to walk me through this next time I'm in town. I didn't notice them when I was there in march.

Pixie said...

With pleasure. We'll have a jug of marguritas at Shed 5 on the way past, for old times sake.