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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Swapping stars

How cute are these? These are my pink stars for swapping. I make 10, 9 of my friends make 10, and we swap. We swap a different colour each month. At the end of the year we'll have 80 star blocks, each one of them different.

Here's J, finishing up hers in time to swap. Pretty huh?

and here are the stars we bought home. We got a bit behind, so tonight there were pink and blue.

I'm not really making traditional block quilts these days, but I love this swapping thing. I love finding how the others interpret the colour theme, and I love how it brings this bunch of stitching friends together. The quilt of course, will be beautiful! Posted by Picasa


kirsty said...

Oh I love doing block swaps, too! Like you, they are the only time I make traditional quilts, but I do enjoy them. It's nice to do some sewing that doesn't require too much mental energy - the maths is done for you and you know the design works ahead of time!

Kelvin said...

That is a really krazy idea, but a good one !!! You are sharing & caring and when you look at your quilt (which hopefully you use on your bed and isn't stored away)you think of your friends and the hand that they had in making it.

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