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Thursday, August 24, 2006


It's hard to grieve without a funeral. It's hard to say goodbye to someone, without that unwelcome, but shared experience of saying goodbye and celebrating a life. It's hard not to have been around other people who were feeling the same way while it was fresh and new and shocking to everyone, not just to me. I have held a ceremony of sorts of my own to say goodbye. I was full of doubt and disbelief so now I've got the newspaper with the death notice I deeply regret not seeing when it was published. I've found out when the coroners report into this unexpected death will be released. I've thought of telling her something, of calling her about lunch, and then remembered, with horror, as you always do when someone dies. But mostly I remember laughing with her. Laughing a lot. And those last conversations about moving on, of possibilities, of brighter futures to be had.
So hey, friends old and new, look at the Pixie Post! 55 Posts. Over 2000 visits from all over the world. Around 18 visitors a day, who stay for 5 minutes. I know it isn't breaking any records, but it's a whole new world and it's lots of fun. It's a little theraputic too. How cool is that?


kirsty said...

Yes, it IS fun and therapeutic and inspiring and ... and... fun!

Flibbertygibbet said...

You know something - we really like looking in on your little world! Keep up the good work x

The Sagittarian said...

You really should have come to Kakanui with me this weekend. We could have struggled headlong into the vicious wind on the beach, thrown stones, kicked driftwood, yelled until we lost our voices. We could have danced with the waves, screeched at and with the gulls.
I miss you.

Judy said...

it's waaaay fun, incredibly cool, highly addictive...and how would I ever have met you if we hadn't been nextdoor on the AQWR?????