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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Melbourne (1)

I went to Melbourne. Over at Be-mused there's a nice little story about how a friend said she wanted to watch Be-mused buy fabric. That's just how I was feeling. I wanted to watch the food nazi buy food. She's written such interesting posts about her weekly sojourn to Vic Market that I wanted to go too. So she picked me up at the airport, and with a fortifying stop for caffine and mushrooms on toast, off to the market we went.

Custard apple, pretty chillies, and deli delights - Vic Market

"What's that?" I said, pointing at the huge ugly green thing. "A custard apple." "What's a custard apple?" "Buy one" she said, "it's cheaper than chocolate!" So I did. It was huge. It needed to ripen, so we left it for the next day. It was delicious, it tasted like a tropical holiday.

Fresh fish, fresh veges, and hand knitted tea cosys

No-one had responded to either of our pleas for ideas for crafty places to visit, so my tour guide thought of her own. She took me to Zetta Florence, in Fitzroy, a beautiful shop to take the breath away of anyone remotely interested in design and paper....ohh, such beautiful paper, journal style books begging to be written in, stamps, cards, posters and stickers that made me go ohhhhh. I bought a beautiful solid eraser, with 'oops' written on it, which Santa will leave in someones Christmas stocking.

Off we went again to the Artisan Books. Oh my! Of course I bought a book. Don't be silly. I bought "Color by Accident" by Ann Johnston, mostly on the strength of the too few colour pictures. I want to make fabric like that! I declined to purchase "unexpected knitting" which intrigues my non-knitting , non-sewing friend. There were nearby exciting shops too, Industria with recycled industrial bits and pieces for home, Cooks Books which was full of cullinary treasures, Spacecraft for beautiful screen printed linen I will have to learn to live without and funky clothes. Gertrude St, Fitzroy is a wonderful place. I was a very happy Pixie!
More adventures to come.

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kirsty said...

Great fun! Melbourne is such a fantastic city. It's my fav. place in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fab! You made me want custard apples, journals and funky clothes. It's been 15 years since I sort-of lived in Melbourne so didn't feel at all qualified to recommend anywhere to go...

barbara said...

i loved melbourne - it sounds like you had a fabulous time, too! it's nice not having to be stuck indoors doing uni work for once, isn't it! i hope you get to have a lot of fun moments before the next deadline :)
i'm crossing my fingers for your quilts, they look fantastic!

The Sagittarian said...

I love Melbourne and now I want to go again (the last time I was there was when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter who is now 11).

katie said...

what a fabulous day - it sounds ideal - and books - how many blank books must I have just waiting for that 'idea' or 'project' to inspire me to write /draw/paint/ in it.
lovely to find your blog. I really like the quilt cards - especially the half revealed hearts - my kind of colours!
take care