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Monday, November 06, 2006

Golden Wedding

My parents have been married for 50 years. The far-flung family gathered in Christchurch to celebrate. We had dinner at Hay's, opposite the Casino. Pictured above, a corsage for my Mum, duck and asparagus crepes, salmon with cherry tomatoes, basil and beans, lemon curd pavlova. Clean, uncomplicated tastes. Beautiful.

We saw a rainbow trout swimming in the Avon river in the middle of the city. Christchurch was pretty as usual, calm and hot, unlike the wintery, gale-ridden Wellington we returned to. I'm going to live in Christchurch one day. Look, here's another Paul Dibble sculpture, Leaf, outside the City Art Gallery.

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Ali Honey said...

That all looks very yummy.

The Sagittarian said...

Sorry to have missed you while you were here. Looks like your dinner was great and I liked the flowers!! I hope you do come and live here one day, as I can show you around. Sumner beach on a hot day is superb....fish and chips at the beach, washed down with a frisky Sauvignon Blanc...(sigh)

Judy said...

Happy 50 years to your parents! What an inspiration!!! The food at their party looks yummy.
Love the leaf sculpture too. Looks like you're having a ball.