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Saturday, November 25, 2006

I got mail

There's a large envelope in the letterbox. I recognise the writing on the self-addressed envelope. But they said they'd post the accept/reject letters on 26 November. Could it be early? If the quilt is in, they send a letter. If the quilt is out, the cd and photographs are returned. Heart in mouth, I can feel this envelope is not empty. There's a cd in there.
Rejected by the jurors for the National Quilt Symposium 2007. What are they thinking? This is a fabulous quilt! Never mind, Jude and Jules can have it now, in time for their first anniversary. The whole-view photo makes this quilt look less than square. I should've got the tripod out. I wonder if that had anything to do with it? Unusually, there are no comments included from the jurors, just "the quality of the images sent in for judging did not always do justice to the quilts".

It's kindof ironic that this quilt is rejected. It brings a little story, which I'm not telling, to closure in a way. Never mind little quilt, I love you dearly. I named it Joy.

Accepted by the jurors for the National Symposium 2007. Sunny. Hooray! It's a real honour to get something accepted. I don't envy those jurors. Sunny will now get some loving care to ensure it looks its best hanging in the exhibition in Palmerston North in January.

My third entry, the house quilt which you can get a glimpse of here was a collaborative project with a quilting buddy. The accept/reject news will have been sent to her, along with news of her own two quilts. She is out of town. The envelope will be waiting in her letterbox. We'll just have to wait for her to come home.


Flibbertygibbet said...

I'm in awe of Sunny - I love it!

kirsty said...

Congratulations! Don't take the rejection letter too hard - what is rejected for one exhibition can be a winner in another*. That said, Sunny is my fav. of the three ;-)
It's a lovely quilt!

ps * I'm sure you know that the Rejection List for symposium is usually a long and honourable one! You will be in the company of many excellent and well-known quilters, I'm sure.