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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday walk (1)

Here's a new series.
The Sunday morning walk photograph.
This one is looking across the heads of Wellington harbour from Te Raekaihau, the penninsular between Lyall Bay and Houghton Bay. It was a beautiful day at 7am. It often is. Shame you couldn't join me.


Dy said...

Gorgeous photo. Aren't those rays of light magnificent.

The Editter said...

I call those rays of light God's fingers. George calls them Maui's ropes.

Ali Honey said...

Very artistic photo! I love Wellington area. My younger son lived there for a while and once when we were down visiting I went for an early morning walk up around Mt Vic. Somehow I got on the wrong path and had a very long walk. I could look out and see where I was but couldn't find a path down. ( dummy ) I took more care the next day!

Shelina said...

I am jealous. What a beautiful place to take a walk.