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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What's a girl to do?

Shave, wax, or leave it be? Advice, opinions sought. Does it depend who you're sleeping with? Hmmm?

New version of blogger? Yes or no?

Kiwi chicks, appearing here for no reason at all

Photograph by the Waikato Times


Anonymous said...

leave in winter, wax in summer.

yes to blogger beta - I'm technologically challenged and it worked fine for me.

lovely kiwi chicks - they definitely shouldn't be shaved or waxed. Ah, maybe there's a lesson for us other kiwi chicks? see, I found a link when ostensibly there wasn't one!

Mary deB said...

Do you have to redo your template if you switch Bloggers? That'd hold me back.

And, just leave it be.

Anonymous said...


Fleagirl from California said...

In the winter I just shave when I absolutely MUST. And even then it's just with an electric razor. But is it coming to be summer there? The thought of waxing all that leg hair gives me the willies. It's taken me 10+ years to get used to waxing my eyebrows.

As for Blogger Beta--I love it. But yes, if you have personalized templates, you have to redo them.