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Sunday, January 14, 2007


This post is brought to you by Blogger gremlins, which are determined that you do not see photographic evidence. Shame really, because I'm sure you'd be impressed.
I've been to Auckland, via Taupo of course, and to the Coromandel, mostly in Whangamata, but with excursions to places like Hahei, and Cathedral Cove. The Coromandel waves were spectacular, the sand was golden, the sun was hot. A couple of days of rain were even reasonably welcome as the fair skinned, befreckled half of the family were happy to get some relief from the sunscreen/hat/shirt ritual that accompanies beach life in this part of the world. I now have some stupid tan lines from my (very nice!) boy-leg swimsuit that are going to look ridiculous when I put on my training swimsuit at the pool tonite. Oh well, the boys and girls lining up at the pool will need a giggle.
It rained really hard for a couple of days in Whangamata, and because I'd read far too many books (all night, all morning, most of the afternoon on the beach....) I decided I needed something else to do. I bought a book (!) Instant Expert Crochet edited by Katy Bevan. Hooray for holiday bookshop sales. I got some wool and a hook. It worked, so I got some more wool. A couple of days later I had about 150 chains and 16 rows of double crochet. We'll see how long it takes me to make a blanket. Madness. But I like it!
I am of course heavily influenced by Bella Dia and Yarnstorm. I've been thinking a lot about why I am so drawn to these blankets, and I've decided it's the colour. It's the riot of unplanned, abandoned colour. I like the kindof kitchy grandma-ness of crochet too. So, if I'm going to own one, I'm gonna have to make it!
At the end of this week I am off to the Quilt Symposium 2007. I've got a ticket for the opening award ceremony, two quilts hanging in the exhibition, two classes, and I've volunteered to spend one day as an "angel". Dogsbody more like, hopefully they'll have an interesting task for me. There will be quilts to see, lots to learn, new friends to make, bloggers to meet, and the company of old friends to enjoy.
After that, it really will be hang onto your hats, new year, new me. I'll keep you posted.


Helen said...

I'm looking forward to Symposium too, it is my first. I'm looking forward to seeing all the quilts.

Another Outspoken Female said...

Welcome back Pixie. I have happy memories of camping at Hahei as a child. The age of golden summers. Have fun at the symposium.

African Kelli said...

Can't wait to see the progress. Nicely done!

Shirley said...

I like that ripple stitch rug. Also those little trinklets in your earlier post - watch for me at symposium wearing a doll's head brooch with "laugh often" and "love well" underneath.

Suse said...

Hello - thanks for delurking over at pea soup. I did answer your question,and now that I come and visit, I see you ARE a quilter!

Shelina said...

Your trip to the beach sounds great! Hope you have a good time at the symposium and meet the quilters who made those quilts so they can tell you all of their quilting secrets!