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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Quilt of the Day

Here's a very fine quilt to keep you occupied.

'Open the Doors' a collaborative work, by me and my clever friend, recently hung at the 2007 Symposium. Current whereabouts unknown. I trust it's being looked after, in preparation for touring New Zealand. Perhaps it's been sold. (I kind of hope not, I'd quite like to live with it for a while).
'Open the Doors' was entered in the Human Rights/Domestic Violence challenge at the Symposium exhibition. Open doors let the secrets out and the help in.

Funny how some quilts hang straight and flat effortlessly, and others, despite hours of effort simply refuse. This one never had a ripple.


Flibbertygibbet said...

Because most secrets should be told. It's a beautiful quilt. You should track it down!

Shelina said...

Pixie nice t-shirts. I really like this quilt too. My family more than most like to keep their secrets, but I think it is only through sharing them that we can learn from our mistakes.

kathy said...

I love the imagery that you achieved with your design. It's fabulous.