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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The spoon thing

Heather posted the soap trick.
I thought I'd show you the spoon thing.
Next time you pin-baste a quilt......put all the pins in, and leave them open. Then, get a spoon, slide it under the point of the pin, and push it closed. Speedy, and easier on the fingers.

Next, quilt like a mad woman....by machine of course.

I'm making a quilt for Jack. A quilt of hot colours, by special request. It's shaping up to be the speediest quilt ever. It has polar fleece on the back, and I'm quilting a big stipple all over it. My aim is to have it on his bed by the weekend. I'll show you some more when it's bound. Meantime, just looking at it is warming me up while the southerly batters our house.

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African Kelli said...

love the spoon trick! THANK YOU! I will so use that!