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Saturday, July 21, 2007

the boy wonder

"Mum, quick, come and dance with me", shouts the 10 year old.
Well, you wouldn't turn down an invitation like that , would you? U2's 'Where the streets have no name' is on the radio. He turns it up loud and we dance around the room like wild things. I don't think he really believes me when I tell him I saw U2 play with BB King.
"Can I go on the internet?" he asks.
"Sure", I say, a little bewildered.

He takes his guitar with him. He searches the net, he finds the 'tabs' (whatever they are) and teaches himself to play this new song he's discovered. Never mind Harry Potter. The heroes that call to this boy are The Edge, Neil Finn and George Harrison. He's a wonder.
I'm trying to persuade him to go to the Police concert with me, if they really do come to Wellington in January.


Jen said...

Id say hes got good music sense
and wow he teaches himself to play a song well done to him

The Sagittarian said...

Obviously the clever clogs takes after his wonderful mum!! I went to that U2 and BB King concert in Wgtn as well. The Warratahs are coming to Christchruch in September and I think I'll go to see them....its near your birthday so maybe you should be here too!!

Fleagirl from California said...

You need to *persuade* him to go to the concert? I wouldn't be able to hold mine back!! How cool that he's playing and noodling things out so well. Amazing how fast they grow up.