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Friday, September 07, 2007


It took me a while to think of a suitable R. Until I went shopping for sewing patterns.

A little Christmas party dress perhaps?

Or this one, for a luncheon party?

Oh, Boss, about that pay rise...... That little black one would work wouldn't it?

That's my favourite. The blue one with the long sash. I could sashay about in that someplace, couldn't I? With the caplet of course. I live in Wellington after all.

Yep, I'll make me one of those, just as soon as I get the 18 inch waist sorted.


Antipodeesse said...

We could be soulmates! I don't know if you remember how I got all excited about the coincidences between our sons, when I first discovered your blog.

Now I'm looking your Butterick pattern (the last one) with a jolt of recognition and a stab of nostalgia: my Mum had exactly the same one in her sewing basket and I'll bet it's still there!

The blue sash one is my favourite too. I even used to own a pair of genuine winklepicker shoes and I wore them out years ago. I loooove the pencil skirts, the boat necks, and the sheer elegance of it all!

Pixie said...

I am the Wellington incarnation of Antipo. Obviously. She left something behind, and I'm inhabiting it. I shall pop over for a vino dear antipo, and bring you some tamarillos.

Joanna said...

Oh my goodness, to have an 18 inch waist lol! They really are gorgeous dresses....now back to working on that waist...