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Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm in a hole

It's dark in here. Lonely too. Bugger it.
Hang about while I figure out how to get out. I know, I'll finish the essay, then I'll go to San Francisco and New York. And remind me not to talk to my Mother for a while will you?
That oughta work.

Let me just record a few moments that've made me smile of late:
  • I sent a text to the Saggitarian one night while I was at the bus stop. "why do buses always come late?" I asked her, just to pass the time. "perhaps they haven't met the right passenger yet" she replied. I laughed out loud. on the bus. shocking. probably scared someone.
  • School holidays. rained continually. Oldest was mellowed out on the sofa, listening intently to the Frank Zappa cd he got from the library. He enjoys the weirdness. His little brother, appalled at the music, was under the kitchen table holding up signs saying "on strike". I just live here, okay?
  • All Blacks vs France playing loud on the radio at reception at the pool. A few of us fresh from the sea on the way to a hot shower. Stopped to listen with about 10 others, in various states of dress, from the gym and the pool, halfway up the stairs, leaning on the desk, all absolutely focused on the commentary. Radio is so great.

I'll be back, thanks heaps to those who've cared to ask where I am, or in some cases, demand that I get blogging again...which is probably the same caring kinda thing.


kirsty said...

I'd throw you a rope if it would help...

Ben said...

*big hugs*

Pixie said...

look, a bit of rope and a hug. that'll help for sure. thanks.

The Sagittarian said...

Gidday there, you made it back! Hoorah. Was beginning to think you had riden off ona bus to gawd knows where, never to return!
Don't forget we have an outting next week. Train your liver.

Ali Honey said...

Missed You!
Here's a hug from me too((( )))

You made me laugh so thanks.

Helen said...

And the weather didn't get much better the first week of term either! Enjoy the trip and if you need two ropes, just yell.

clevelandgirlie said...

Pixie - I find your blog truly fascinating. I think it has to do with the combination of food, chocolate, quilts and nature. All of my favorite things! I'll be visiting.