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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yes, I am home

No, I don't know that guy, but he wasn't moving!

I know, I need to tell you all my stories....I think there'll be a whole series of posts. See, I'm full of promises.
I spent 4 nights in San Francisco, and 4 nights in New York, and I met up with lots of friends and saw all the famous sites. I loved it. I had the best time. The best.
The Love sculpture is in New York on the corner of 6th and 55th. I was there. I can hardly believe it. Travelling does nothing to ease the wander-lust does it?


Ben said...

Hey, welcome back. Now on with the stories! ;-)

Mary deB said...

Hey, I didn't see that! I guess I have to go back!

Helen said...

If you've got the bug, you've got it. Not curable. Bit like an itch. Scratching it just makes you want to scratch more!!

The guy is a total boor! Does no one love him?

Welcome back.

The Sagittarian said...

Am looking forward to seeing you on MOnday....with more pix thanks!!