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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Moving right along

I knocked down the wardrobe so I could shift the bed, and today I'm going to pull up the carpet. Then I can make a place for the sewing machine and the computer. See, it's all a question of priorities. How can I move into my house without a place for the sewing machine and the computer??

Oh yes, Christmas happened, squeezed in between work and moving. It was very pleasant. There was turkey and roast vegetables, it was all very simple, the least gourmet Christmas dinner I've ever cooked, but it was very very good. The boys got a Wii, and I love it, a lot. Good job it's gone to their Dad's house with them. I got lots to do today. Thank goodness the beach holiday is booked.

I've got another car load of things to shift, and then I have to clean. Clean everything! Moving right along.

Here's a NY photo, cos it's one of my favourites. Taken on Broadway. Glad I looked up!

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The Sagittarian said...

OOH, can't wait to come and visit YOUR house! I assume there will be a wee space cleared on the floor where I can rest my weary (and probably drunken) head?
I like that photo as well, you gotta look up sometimes!!