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Saturday, February 16, 2008

another go see....

  • swam 2k as usual
  • poached eggs and long black for breakfast. perfect.
  • cricket. We lost. Again. It was exciting, the last 6 runs. One of my most favourite things to do, watch my boy play cricket.
  • contemplated the school camp list. blah blah blah.
  • helped friend prepare her house for open home tomorrow. cleaned. I laid vinyl flooring tiles in the kitchen. It was a good use of my patchwork skills. Looks good!
  • boy free night subverted with her son round here to watch tv. There's only so much house tidying and cleaning a boy can stand after all. And a mother can move a lot faster without a boy around.
  • have strong soppy feeling that this is what love is. Putting things down, plans aside, working hard with friend to help her, and knowing it's appreciated.
  • what goes around comes around.

Go see Kirsty . She's been writing an I Am. Go visit, follow the links. There's a template/guidline in there. I'm thinking about mine.

Stirring stuff.

Wanna play?

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twolimeleaves said...

I've shown you mine, let me see yours!
It's amazing how powerful it is to write that.