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Friday, February 01, 2008

wardrobe essentials

Happy New Year! Yes, I'm a bit late, the New Year is 1/12th over already. That sure went fast. The Pixie Post was closed during January. Thanks for coming back.

I'm thinking about clothes. I got rid of heaps while I was moving, so my wardrobe is pretty much pared down to things I actually wear. That's a bit scary. I'm gonna have to stop procrastinating and do something about it soon, cos I'm rapidly running out of decent things to wear. I'm planning to sew. I used to sew clothes, and then I started making quilts. So my plan this year is to get my clothes sewing mojo back.

Today I've searched out Tim Gunn's 10 essential items every woman needs. Do you have them? (Well you know, assuming you're a woman of course...)
  • Basic black dress (yep, but it's probably a bit fancy/low cut to be 'basic'. I've only worn it a couple of times, but I love it)
  • Trench coat (nope)
  • Classic dress pants (well, yes, but they're a bit shabby)
  • Classic white shirt (I don't usually wear shirts, do I have to try to find one?)
  • Skirt (now skirt I can do, quadruple skirts, easy. I like skirts)
  • Blazer (Oh Tim, style icon, you don't really use that word do you? I got jackets, but not a perfect jacket. Just that's-not-too-expensive-and-it-kinda-almost-fits-me jackets)
  • Day dress (yep, and it's lovely, really it is!)
  • Cashmere sweater (no. could we maybe settle for mohair? Oh that's right, I had one, it was beautiful, but it got washed and you wouldn't believe how that stuff can felt and shrink. sigh)
  • Jeans (well, yes, but they're a bit shabby too)
  • A comfortable alternative to a sweatsuit (what? there's an alternative to track pants and hoodies? Oh. I'll have to find out what that is)

What do you think? Just one shirt with the pants and the skirt makes a wardrobe? I dunno if that would get me through the working week. It's not a bad list to start with though, is it?

How did you do?


The Sagittarian said...

Oh gawd, I peeked in the wardrobe (closet to your northern fans) and was confronted by the 80s!!! Creepy, honestly it's probably not even worht hanging on to incase it comes back. Like if mold comes back you kill it, much the same with the 80s fashion I suspect. I dunno, maybe in stead of going to the pub next time we should really seriously hit Kirks sale!!

Martha Craig said...

I suspect Tim's perfect wardrobe is actually Tim's perfect wardrobe, ie not necessarily one for the laydeez. I don't wear jeans, they look shit on me, nor do a wear white shirts since I gave up waitressing at catering events.

So no, I don't have 10 pieces that fit Tim's rules. But my word, I freaking love Tim.

Another Outspoken Female said...

I've got jeans and a skirt.

Probably why I've had to go topless for years.

Ali Honey said...

Glad you are back!
That's not very suitable for working in the orchard. I don't wear white at all and go for comfort and what I like these days. Can't afford anything new so just keep on wearing what I have. I no longer sew for myself!

Ben said...

I have some jeans...