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Sunday, February 10, 2008


I need some music.
I didn't get the cd collection in the property settlement. But that's okay. I got a few cd's which he obviously doesn't like or are clearly mine. If I bought an ipod or something he'd copy anything I wanted for me. But after living for such a long time with someone who loves 'new' music, who reads about it and talks about it, well, my own music loves got kinda subdued. I came to love silence.

funny that.

Now, what I really love is jazz and blues and wild stirring orchestral stuff. But I don't know how to find it any more. The boys and I play beatles and crowded house and U2 and that's all good, but I need something that's mine. and I'm bloody sick of Norah Jones (sorry Norah no offence, make us some new music).

I love Gershwin, and Ray Charles and Tom Waits. but I like cold play too. Could you ever get sick of Louis Armstrong singing "what a wonderful world". and Frank Sinatra, loud and clear, singing "I get a kick out of you" which has always struck me as the sweetest compliment. Oh and Van Morrison. I need some Van Morrison for sure. and Sting. even though I didn't see him in concert when he came to town.

Anyway, the point of this post is to ask you what you're listening to. What do you recommend? I need some music, and I need it now!

this post brought to you without capital letters in most places they oughta be. Ahhh, don't be fussy!


Mary likes Feist said...

I don't really have any music, either. My husband downloads stuff to his computer, but we stopped buying cds some years ago. Not sure why. I suggest spending way too much time cruising Youtube! I like a lot of stuff I liked in 1980, but of new stuff, I will recommend Feist.

I put the url in with my nickname, so just click on me and you should get the vid.

Another Outspoken Female said...

When R goes away I have at least a day of silence (2 or 3 if it's been a while since I've had the house to myself), then slowly I get the urge to find my ipod and the next thing I know I am dancing and singing. It takes a while but I think living with someone else's music can sometimes deaden your palate so to speak.

Try Miles Davis, maybe some John Coltrane. Remind me when you are over and we will find you some tunes you like.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I'm thinking a little Eddi Reader and some early Everything but the Girl and Julia Fordham might be just what you're looking for. Also have you heard the two Ella Fitzgerald and Loius Armstrong CDs?

The Sagittarian said...

I'll put together a CD and send it to you! Laura Smith, Van Orly...hm, will surprise you!!

Antipodeesse@gmail.com said...

Am currently humming "Easy, easy like a Sunday mornin'...." to myself, despite the fact that it's only bloody Tuesday and I'm at work.