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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Oh the places I go (2008 No. 1)

Oh, Melbourne, you're such good fun!
  • I spent lots of time on Southbank. Hadn't been there before really. Lots of useful, inspiring work and mad Aussie colleagues. Plenty of Kiwi Sauv Blanc (they seem to be over the Aussie chardonnay now.....)
  • drinks in the Atrium bar at the casino, which was all decked out for chinese new year. I felt like a big city girl!
  • Introduced a new Brissie bloke to my favourite kiwi Pinot.
  • Yes a couple of hot dates (insert very big smile) with the Australian. Nice. But.....
  • Drinks with Kirsty lime leaf, just squeezed in. It was a breeze, like meeting a friend I hadn't seen for a few months
  • 2kg of blue swimmer crabs, 1kg of prawns cooked by AOF's not boyfriend. It was slow food, messy eating, a meal I'll always remember
  • drank Rose. I've forgotten the label already, but it was delicious, and just right with the seafood and the hot summer night
  • caught a tram to St Kilda on a cold windy night. Swordfish for dinner, intense work related, and not work related conversation. v. good night.
  • drinks at Seamstress.
  • dinner here there and everywhere.... (argh, links to come.....)
  • I went to Ikea. I did. On the tram without getting lost, and I bought a doona cover. Only it lives in NZ now, so it's going to be called a duvet cover. I'm sure it will cope.
  • fell in love with a gizmo. got music. I'll show you when blogger decides to co-operate.
This post bought to you with underlining by blogger. I dunno why. and it won't go away. and no pictures either, cos blogger is stubborn.

I've got post-trip blues. I've got 'em bad.

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The Sagittarian said...

See you Tuesday and we will sort out how to blast those blues, babe!!