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Friday, March 28, 2008

Writing letters to my friends....

...telling them all about Split enz......

I went to see Split Enz. The ex and I took the boys. It was a real nostalgia trip, a little bittersweet, there are some memories associated with many of those songs, but mostly it was great fun. Famous for their outlandish costumes, this time the Enz wore toned down distressed linen suits. Bathed in white light, they looked like they'd been dusted in flour or something, but hold on....it's just that they've gone grey, like many of their audience. Trust those kiwi brothers Finn to write love songs with such in-denial lyrics. Neil sang "I don't wanna say I love you, that would give away too much...." and Tim ...."and you know that I love you, here and now and not forever.....". Beautiful songs though, so we'll forgive them.

Photo from Stuff

Tim was in great voice, best we've heard him for a long time, and he can still whistle! He remains the king of silly dancing. Eddie Rayner is a genius. Noel played the spoons and I nearly cried....Jack loved that music when he was about two, and would go running to get spoons to play along. ha!

They played Shark Attack and Give it a Whirl. That glorious swirling instrumental lead in to Six Months in a Leaky boat got everyone on their feet, and they played I See Red so fast the crowd could barely keep up. Tim sang Charlie just perfectly. That song will always be special to me because it is one of the first that youngest learnt to play and sing, beautifully, from beginning to end. Of course they ended with History never repeats. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. Neil remembered having his 21st birthday on stage in Wellington. Tim kept telling us what a beautiful day it had been.

In the programme they remember Paul Hester with love....saying he understood the magic of music and mirth. Which sums them up perfectly. Music and mirth. By the spadeful. So funny, but such musicianship too.

Here's a link to "Voices....." with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, a long while back. Which I guess is the last time I saw Split Enz songs played live. There are lots of links to that concert.....beautiful music, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6Qm1T3lCec

and here's Eddy Veder singing it, with Tim on piano, at a concert I should've gone to. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hC48fcPlAfc


Another Outspoken Female said...

I so wish I'd planned my trip better and been there. Yup - they play the soundtrack to our lives!

(We are having a lot of nostalgia lately. Should I dip into the letter bag and blog more excerpts?)

Anonymous said...

Every good Kiwi girl loves a Finn :)
I've seen them a few times and I'll love them til I die. In fact Split Enz were the first band I ever saw in concert (at the Founders Theatre in Hamilton in about 1979-80). I clapped so hard I re-injured an old broken bone in my hand and had a bruise that went the whole way through my hand from palm to back. Cor. Memories, eh?

Anonymous said...

ps: don't even get me started on Eddie Vedder. That man's voice makes my knees go all wobbly.