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Monday, May 05, 2008

Feeding boys

Feeding those boys of mine at dinner time seems to get more and more difficult. I dunno what they want to eat.
Saturday - roast chicken, they devoured it. One even ate kumera. v I made soup the next day with the bones and the leftovers, a cup of soup mix, and a few veges. I loved it. Boys had toast for lunch.
Sunday - meatballs. An Alison Holst recipe. Gobbled up. (Those Holsts need to update their website).
Monday - 3 bean stew. From the current Taste magazine. Well I admit I was pushing my luck here. It even had spinnach in it. I loved it. Boys had toast for dinner. Banana muffins, whipped up after dinner and before Desperate Housewives started. They've had 3 each.
Tuesday - I'm gonna make home-made fish and chips. Cheap fish, battered and baked. I think they'll eat that.

Oh well, 3 out of 4 isn't so bad I guess. The rest of the week it's their Dad's problem. And I'll be eating leftovers.

Got kids? Teenagers? What do they eat?

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The Sagittarian said...

haha, caseroled chicken - chicken drums, brown them off, add onions and chuck in an oven dish with a tin or toms, celery, pumpkin and kumara. After you reckon its cooked, do some beans or peas, mashed spud and voila! the wee cretins tuck in. Well, mine do anyway and they're girls. Best not tell your boys that they are eating like girls tho'!! Good luck. If that doesn' work - make them cook dinner for you...mince...toast...onion soup mix...we found the gals started to eat more if we let them help us cook it.