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Saturday, May 17, 2008


A pretty tree in Napa. I went there once!
  • we figure the Orca knew we were there for a lot longer than we knew they were there. Not sure how I feel about that. They like to eat stingrays in Wellington harbour apparently. Haven't seen a stingray yet!
  • a colleague was knocked off his motorbike on Thursday night and died in intensive care on Friday. Another good man, an engineer with a cheeky grin, sparkly eyes and lots of good stories to tell. Shocking, and scary. We gather in disbelief for coffee and cake and tell stories about him through the morning. Bugger. (Don't worry Ben, I don't think your paths would have crossed).
  • went to osteopath. my wallet hurts. and my back hurts even more. he found places I didn't know hurt. but I trust him, he's a genius and eventually I'll feel good. and he's a swimmer.
  • I took myself off the internet dating site. Now really, no-one, not one person, that I contacted responded, even with a no thanks. I seemed to attract 35 year olds. Hmmm, what am I supposed to do with a 35 year old? Oh, don't be rude! I seem to have found someone for myself, with a little help from my friends. So that's nice.
  • my car goes. It feels smooth and quiet and nice to drive, but it makes me very very nervous.
  • I'm off to a swim meet, not to swim, but to do a little timekeeping and some partying. Yay.
  • I've got a job interview on Tuesday. I ought to be preparing, but something is stopping me. I better figure out what that is and get on with it. I need a pay rise!


Ali Honey said...

Wow that's amazing. What would you have done if you had seen them while you were still swimming? Seriously is there a rule that says swim really fast, or stay still, or what?

Perhaps you should have been wearing the cape with flames - that would have attracted attention to yourself and maybe made you swim superfast if it has you know - powers!

The Sagittarian said...

Nice tree! Good to see you branching out into new job stuff, good luck with that! Don't worry the interviewer bark maight be worse than the bite...now you're wondering why did you log on to read this?? :-)