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Thursday, August 07, 2008


Okay okay, here I am, I'm sorry for neglecting you. Where've I been?
  • it's winter, it's bloody cold here in the corner where the pc is, and my poor fragile hands can't handle the cold
  • first born's internet connection to his pc broke, I think it's the modem, so the pc is now shared by 3 of us, it's easier to just give in......
  • there's no wallpaper left in my bedroom, and the hallway is half de-nuded of wallpaper too. progress!
  • I've made two skirts and two tops, and a dress. The skirts and tops are good enough, and the dress is hideous. I shall either finish it, or cut it up and use the fabric for something else. I'm getting into it though, you'd be so proud!
  • I've been travelling, tales to come...
  • work work work. Intense, kinda exciting, kinda stressful
  • I hurt my back in April. April! I didn't sit down for much more than 30mins until July. Finally I am cured. Hallelujah!!
Okay, does that explain my absence sufficiently? Well, you asked for it....there're gonna be a whole lot of posts tonite.

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