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Friday, October 03, 2008

Proud? Me?

Lookee here.
He's 11.
I'm amazed to see this boy who has figured out so much about who he is and what he's passionate about.

He's made 5 clips, including one original song. This one is his favourite. His parents know about them now. But he insisted on leaving the room while I checked them out. He's pretty buzzed that Liam Finn (son of Neil of Crowded House) has left him a comment. Well, he's pretty sure it's really Liam.


kirsty said...

So cool!!!!!
No wonder you're proud!
If I were his Mum I wouldn't fit my head through the door :)

ps: doesn't he look like YOU?!

The Sagittarian said...

No, that can't be young Ed? Noooo. That would make me old!! Wonderful, wonderful clip!!

Green Kitchen said...

A heart-breaker in the making. I got chills! I can only hope my boys will be this confident and talented. Tell him he has fans in the US.