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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Choices made without you!

The paint shall be Resene 'Haystack', a little richer than it looks on my monitor, but it sits happily between the probably-going-to-be-polished floors and the dark chocolate of the vanity, and it makes the whites sparkle.

The tiles shall be enormous rectangular glossy white things, and I shall have to cut each and every one of them so they fit in the desired manner, and they shall look fabulous of course. I'm going to lay them (do you lay tiles on a wall...guess not!) in a brick pattern, or subway style as they would say in New York.

The tiles go on the front of the bath (the apron...ha ha) and above the vanity.

The beer is just lovely, and I've earned it! It is a difficult thing to paint a bathroom. A very time consuming and difficult thing.

It's also helping me chill out, cos I was going to show you a picture of New York subway tiles, but I can't find the disc they're stored on. Shan't panic, shan't panic.


Mary deB said...

Wow, you have been busy! I'll have to come to visit your house to get the full picture... some day! Congratulations on the new job(s), and the stairs and bathroom, and I love that apron a few entries down! No, I don't usually wear an apron, but who knows what one could do if one had one like that!

xo Mary

The Sagittarian said...

This is lovely!! I am getting quite a few dates in my diary for Welly visits so either get that painting finished or grab a spare brush and I'll help you. Then we will have time for a well-earned wine or three.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Merry Christmas Pixie!

Ali Honey said...

Wishing You a Happy Christmas Pixie.

Nicola said...

Now how weird is that. I also have just gone through a bathroom renovation.