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Saturday, December 13, 2008

found it!

I found the fabric that I talked about in this post.
It's by Anna Maria Horner.

Lookee!It's from her 'drawing room' range. The whole range is gorgous, but that one at the bottom right, that's the one I've seen skirts made of. I could make me one of those (if I wasn't too busy painting of course!).

and look what the designer herself does with it...

It's called the cookbook apron, and like she says "you would look so good in it! Really! Totally your colors and would look great in your kitchen". ha!

Do you wear aprons, dear cookists out there? You'd think your sewist buddy would stitch you one up sometime, wouldn't you? (AOF, Sagittarian, Flea Girl I'm talking to you, I'm just too lazy to link).

Here is Anna Maria's blog.
and here is her website with fabfabric (that was a typo, but I like it!).
Santa can bring me one of her rugs, any one will do just fine. I'll base my bedroom decorating on it.

I'm going tile shopping now. The ones I love the most so far are only $20 each. So yeah, I'm still shopping.


Another Outspoken Female said...

Apron - you'd think a mess-disliking virgo who is terribly clumsy would wear such a thing. But I don't. The aprons of the day, like the one featured don't cover enough mess zones for me and tend to not be designed for my stature.

...but if I was given a lovingly homemade one I would probably wear one :)

What you doing in xmas week? Arrive Sunday night (only another week to go, how did that happen?) - email me you slack thing, just cos you've got 2 jobs and a handyman doesn't excuse you, ya know ms melon....er pixie.

The Sagittarian said...

Hm. My youngest has perloined by Apron. The Stud and I had almost matching aprons when we did the Indian cookery course at the Polytech a few years ago - did you know we did that? Anyway, now I let him do the cooking....