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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Eddie

Edward is 12! He requested Marble Cake for his birthday cake, and cottage pie, (or shepherds pie) with loads of mashed potato on top for his birthday dinner. Then he took some of his birthday money and bought neopolitan icecream and rented Pixar's Wall-e to watch. Can't convince the boy to have a birthday party with actual friends coming to hang out. He's not interested.

The cake recipe is from Ladies a Plate. A wee gem of a baking book, full of the recipes my mum used to make in baking marathons, and more. They're the kinds of recipes that include the ingredients you have in the cupboard. Butter, sugar, flour, eggs, some spice, some coconut, some nuts or cocoa. No fancy specialist store shopping required. The book has little snippets of history, from old fund-raising recipe books, and they're all photographed beautifully on old china and embroidered linens. I bake a lot these days, so there are treats around that don't have loads of 'e' numbers. I think it's best that they understand how many cups of sugar and great loads of butter they're gobbling up when they demolish cake and icecream.
Hmm, Jane would love this one. Maybe I'll send her a link.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Eddie! Good choice of cake, too.
I LOVE that book. I nearly bought it at Christmas time but my suitcase was already waaaaay over the allowed weight.

Eva said...

happy birthday!

Nicola said...

I nearly bought that book too. Think I must buy it after your reccomendation. I love to bake, hubbie Peter loves to cook meals, whereas I would just bake cakes all day.

Mary deB said...

Happy Birthday to Eddie!

Did he like Wall-E? My boys (hub and son) liked it but my daughter is scared to watch it. It has a rather miserable starting point!