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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Keeping busy

  • Swimming hard, in the pool and the sea. My goggles leaked today, so I spent an hour in the harbour with my eye bathed in sea water. It's still swollen. It will recover eventually I guess. Oh, that would be my new prescription goggles, the ones that cost a lot. Sigh. It was beautiful though, the water is warm. Well, comparatively. In a wetsuit that is. The lighthouse doesn't seem so far away these days. The Wellington ocean race is on the 24th.
  • The Handyman's mum is dying, he thinks. He is surrounded by, and grateful for, his grown up daughters and his ex-wife, but battling with his sister. It's hard to hear the sadness in his voice.
  • I've been quilt-making. Hmm...this is the right side of the quilt caught up on the back of another part of the quilt accidentally. I hate making those kind of avoidable mistakes. Doh!
Look at this! The walking foot exploded across the room. Luckily I found that screw and it all went back together again just fine. Lucky too that I wear glasses because a piece of the needle bounced off them. Dangerous sport, quilt making. It's a day for eyes, obviously.

What would we do without these gizmos? There have been about 2 million ends to pull through and tie off.....
But look...here's a sneak preview. This is my entry for the national quilt symposium 2009. It's finished now, and I think it's fantastic. It looks great on the fresh painted white wall in my hall.

Here's a detail shot. That colour is lavander in real life, not pink.

I'm sooooo pleased with it. I've had it in my head for a year or so, and now it is real. I discovered ages ago that if I make quilts like this to please myself, they generally find favour with someone else too, and I've been lucky to have many accepted for previous symposium exhibitions. I thought, for an hour or two, of putting it up for sale, but I decided I like it too much and I don't want to part with it. Entries close on Wednesday, and for once, I won't be sewing mine urgently the day before.


Anonymous said...

It's fabulous: soothing and enticing.

But the thing about the needle bouncing off your glasses has me totally freaked out :-)

Helen said...

Unlike me who was up until 4 am last night sewing the binding on. I didn't get the cd's done in time for the courier today so I am driving to Wellington tomorrow with a friend in the hope that the mail centre in Petone will put my envelope directly into the P O Box.

Love your quilt, summery blues and that luscious green. So calming after the frustrating day I have had.Your quilting obviously went a lot better than mine did. I am thinking of ripping some of it out and re-doing it. Is this allowed do you think?

The Sagittarian said...

OOH, let me know if you need safety glasses!! (Txt me if owt happens to the mother before we get back eh?)