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Friday, January 16, 2009

stripes or plaid

Stripes or plaid, that's the colour week theme of the day.

This is the china I grew up with. Tam 'O Shanter, by Roydon. I think there are very few pieces remaining at the oldies house. I should retrieve them. I like it. It has lovely curvey green tea cups.

These are the stripey floorboards in my bedroom. Beautiful. They've been covered in carpet for the life of the house. One day, hopefully this year, I'll get them polished.

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Helen said...

That plate is a real blast from the past. I didn't know it was called Tam 'O Shanter. I thought it was Crown Lynn. Do you remember the days when Arcoroc was so expensive because it had heaps of duty on it to protect our domestic industry?

Your floorboards look just like mine, especially my bathroom ones which need re-varnishing.