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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


  • listened (at 6am) to that Obama guy making speeches. He done good.
  • there was a powercut. no power to run lifts or open security doors at work. lots of loitering in the lobby going on this morning.
  • had inspirational meeting with medicos who would like to see less people doing crazy things that cause irreprable harm.
  • read a lot. a lot.
  • went for a lunchtime walk. Found some gorgeous $4 per metre fabric. I'm gonna give this jacket a whirl. I will not be beaten by this sewing to fit thing!
  • made bacon and tomato pasta for dinner - boys ate it. Success!
  • made roast vege salad for work lunches
  • made caramel square - to spoil boys. I've had my one piece. No more for me.
  • made bran/blueberry muffins for the good of my, ahem, system. Boys won't eat them. I'll freeze them, take them to work, one by one, for lunch.
  • the Handyman put on his new clothes, carried his Mum's casket, said some words for her in a church. He sent me a text when it was over. I won't see him for another month. sigh.
  • skipped swimming training. Big race on Saturday in Wellington. I have low expectations for a fast swim, but I'm going to have fun.
  • Kitty caught a rat. Big handsome rat. Thanks kitty.
  • Poneke said what I was thinking. PR overkill. Stop it now Air NZ.
  • Oh, and there was that Obama guy. Watched some coverage with the boys. Talked about how they'd remember this when they were old men. Talked about Michelle's dress too, and the momentary abscences of bullet proof glass.

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