Pixie Post

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I think I should get contact lenses. What do you think?
I sure do need some new glasses anyway.
Dreams are free. Actually, let's call it a planning discussion.
Yes, I'm auditioning photographs for my internet dating profile. Sigh!


cesca said...

I'm getting new glasses next week... woohoo, I'll be fashionable for a change!

Ummm, no thoughts on the pics. Both look fine to me! (And hehe, I've finally "put a face to the name"... now recognise you from Facebook).

If you do get contacts, look into other colours - I used to have the most awesome aqua blue/green contacts, and I got so many positive comments about them!

But I'm sick of contacts now - glasses are much cheaper and a zillion times easier to work with.

The Sagittarian said...

ooh, as above - both pix look good. I dunno. As for me, I think I will have glasses cos I want to look clever!!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

You look good either way. :-)

As for pics for a dating profile .. I read somewhere that a pic of you doing something you like creates more conversation. So if you like flying kites then one of you doing that would be appropriate. I dunno. I met my husband via an online dating site but my profile didn't even have a picture. His was of him in front of his old airplane. :-)

Jessica said...

I actually like both!

Mary deB said...

I like the idea of you doing something in a picture. See who responds to a picture of you squinting over a tiny needle, your lap full of fabric...

I always think I look pale and funny without my glasses!